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        Minimize Impacts. Maximize Value.

        Throughout the world, sustainability drives us to minimize our impacts and maximize our value.

        We do this through a sustainability approach built upon three pillars:

        • Creating sustainable value for the communities where we operate;
        • Enhancing the value of our products to overcome society’s challenges; and
        • Reducing our environmental impacts to improve the footprint of our operations.

        Creating Sustainable Value

        We actively participate in every community in which we operate around the world. We want these communities to thrive, and we view our presence as an opportunity to help develop economic activity, environmental practices and social programs that will stay in place after our role ends.

        Enhancing Product Value

        Inherently sustainable, aluminum helps our customers address the world’s challenges and capture the opportunities they present. Aluminum enables safer and more energy-efficient buildings; more fuel-efficient cars, trucks and airplanes; and sustainable food and beverage packaging. It is also infinitely recyclable.

        Improving Our Footprint

        Our strategic 2025 and 2030 goals guide our footprint-reducing efforts. We have a special focus on biodiversity conservation, with an ambitious goal for mine rehabilitation.

        2018 Alcoa Sustainability Report

        Aluminum Industry Leader in Annual Dow Jones Sustainability Index

        Alcoa has been named the Aluminum Industry leader in the 2019 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI); listed in the DJSI North America Index.

        Gold Supplier - Supply Chain Management

        Alcoa Gold Supplier status two years in a row.
        - EcoVadis, sustainability rating agency

        Alcoa Human Rights Policy


        Alcoa Indigenous Peoples Statement


        UN Global Compact Progress Report



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