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        Alcoa is the world’s largest bauxite miner, enjoying a first-quartile cost position.

        Strong portfolio

        Alcoa has ownership in seven active bauxite mines globally and operates four of them, making us among the largest bauxite producers in the world. We have access to large bauxite deposits with mining rights that extend in most cases more than 20 years. Our global network is strategically located near key Atlantic and Pacific markets. It includes the Huntly mine in Australia, the second largest bauxite mine in the world.

        Alcoa offers bauxite from its mines to meet customer-specific needs and provide a consistent, reliable, and sustainable supply of raw material for refineries around the globe.

        Leaders in land rehabilitation

        We are leaders not only in technology for reducing the cost of mining bauxite, but in solutions for restoring the land once mining operations are complete. As an award-winning environmental leader, our strategy for rehabilitation is to restore the land to a stable condition that will be consistent with the aesthetic, environmental, economic, and social values of the surrounding community. In Western Australia, for example, where we mine in the world’s only Jarrah Forest, we first achieved our target of returning 100 percent species richness to mined areas in 2001, and received the Society for Ecological Restoration International’s Model Project Award (view video to learn more). At our Juruti mine in the Amazon rainforest, we are applying an innovative and award-winning reforestation approach called nucleation that cuts recovery time in half.

        Producing Endless Possibilities: Alcoa Global Bauxite

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        Safe, Efficient, Sustainable: Alcoa Global Bauxite is one of the world's largest producers with strategic placement near key Atlantic and Pacific markets.

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        Our Juruti mine produces high-quality bauxite in the Amazon with our values and safety at the forefront.